No Longer Working From Home (mostly)

badijones office
Up until 2 days ago, I had not stepped foot in a normal office for almost 5 years, but his week I started working at my company’s office (not too far from where I live). This was something that I had been thinking about for a while, but hesitated, mostly because I’ve gotten used to the flexibility. So far, it’s been great though. Other than the excellent location (and view)…
badijones new office
…the best part is that I actually get to interact with real people. Not just emails. I’m also loving the distraction free environment. Not that working from home didn’t have its benefits, but a lot of those benefits (flexible hours, being at home, etc) turned out to be a drag on me.

I’m not saying that working from home / telecommuting is bad at all. It might be the perfect setup for someone else, but it’s just not right for right now.

Don’t feel bad for my lonely old desk yet though :). I’ll still be working from home on personal projects like,,, blogging, etc… But, until I have my own company, and my own office, I’ll be doing the 9 to 5 … or 8 to 4… or 7 to 3 – :) ( luckily, my job is still extremely flexible)

New Twitter Tool

Twit WhaleJust a quick heads up. I made a little tool for twitter that shows:

– People who are your fans (they follow you, you don’t follow them)
– People who you are fans of (You follow them, they don’t follow you back)

SEOLogs tools have struggled to stay online, but most of them are down. Including this one.

Check it out here ==>

Source code is also available to download.

A Conversation with Warren Buffett about the economy

If you’ve been paying attention to the news for the past few days, you may be pretty worried about the state of the economy (with good reason). Watching the government hand out 700 Billion dollars to bail out Wall Street is like watching a train wreck that you are powerless to do anything about. To be honest, to me the economy is so complex and abstract that I don’t pretend to even understand exactly what the consequences of this bailout will be. Fortunately though, there are people who do have a much better grasp on these things.

Warren Buffet (the richest man on the planet) discusses the current economy crisis, and what might be coming in the months and years to come.

The Cuban Skateboarding Crisis

Traveling to Cuba anytime soon? If you do, bring a few skateboards. They need them.

I used to skateboard (myself skateboarding circa 1994), and I remember having to wait, or save up for a skateboard, but watching this video really makes me realize just how lucky I was, and still am.

Check out the video
Check out the video

Bringing a Soaking Wet iPhone Back From the Dead

Last week, Amanda (my wife) misplaced her iPhone. After searching for a bit, she decided to just go back to doing the load of laundry she had in the wash. She was in the laundry room, moving clothes from washer to dryer, and I heard her shriek “Nooooooooo!”. She didn’t have to say anything else. I pretty much knew what had happened immediately.

The phone had gone through a full wash cycle; soap, rinse and all. It was squeaky clean, but totally soaked to the core. No signs of life at all.

I had heard of remedies for phones that were briefly submerged in water (dropped in toilet) or just a little wet, but I really had no hope of these fixes working for Amanda’s phone. For some reason though, I decided to give it a try. Couldn’t hurt, right?

I did some searching, and came across a video from some guys at Bleeding Edge, explaining how to replace an iPhone battery (link), and in that video, they explained that if an iPhone gets wet, you should soak it in 91% (percent) alcohol and let it dry out. They said that the phone would work, but the battery would need to be replaced.

I’ve detailed exactly what I did to fix the phone below.

How I Brought the Completely Soaked iPhone Back

Fix Wet IphoneFirst, I soaked the iPhone in 91% isopropyl alcohol for over an hour. Made sure to swish it around a bit.

Next, I let the phone air dry for an hour or so, then I put the phone into a container of rice (another trick I found on Google) for about 3 days. At this point, I could still smell the alcohol in the phone, so I just sat the phone on my desk.

I let the phone sit for 3 more days, smelling for alcohol every day. On the 6th day, I grabbed the phone and gave it a smell. No alcohol sent, so I decided to go ahead and plug it in.

As soon as I plugged it in, the little white apple icon showed up on the screen. I was totally shocked, I waited, and nothing happened. I figured the phone was pretty much bricked, but I decided to do a hard restart, just for kicks. I held the home and power button for a few seconds until it turned off. When It came back on, the white apple logo showed up again, but to my utter surprise, the thing started up.

Apart from a strange smudge on the underside of the glass on the screen, everything worked perfectly fine.