My name is Badi Jones. I’m from Charleston, SC, and I’ve been making websites since 1997.

I worked full time for a couple of web design firms for a couple of years, and later (1999-2004) as the webmaster for a weekly newspaper in Charleston, SC ( During that time I also did my undergraduate work in Biology at the College of Charleston, planning to go to Pharmacy school, but after working at a pharmacy for a year I decided that a pharmacy career wasn’t for me.

A good friend convinced me that I could make a good living as a web developer, and pointed me to a graduate school in Vermont that he had attended. I decided to go, and chose the Master of Science in Internet Engineering (MSIE) degree. The bulk of the program dealt with Java (mostly J2EE using Struts, Spring, EJB, etc, and also SQL, XML, and server administration. Everything was geared toward making web applications. I finished in the Spring of 2006, and am now working full-time for a company in the online travel industry.

I also maintain several websites of my own, including the 3 sites listed here.